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Common plumbing problems

7 Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them

These are the most common plumbing problems

Plumbing problems are frustrating. Every homeowner faces plumbing issues at some point, but when these problems go unchecked for a long time, they can really hurt your wallet and interrupt your life. It is important that you detect the plumbing issue before it reaches a breaking point. Knowing common plumbing problems and how to avoid them can save you money and stress. So, here are the most common plumbing problems you need to know about:

Leaky pipes

Pipes make up the bulk of common plumbing problems, especially in old homes. The average household’s leaks can amount to almost 10,000 gallons of water wasted annually and 10% of homes have leaks that waste over 90 gallons or more per day. Leaky pipes can be a result of stubborn clogs, pipe corrosion, cracked pipes or seals, incorrect pipe laying, excessive water pressure and more. Regardless of the cause, leaky pipes must be fixed immediately to avoid damage to the plumbing system and the home itself.

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are much more than an inconvenience during winters. If they burst, you may have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs and replacement. It is important to protects the pipes from freezing by covering the exposed pipes with insulation wrapping or sleeves. Homeowners must also ensure that their home’s temperature does not drop too low. This is a common plumbing problem is is completely avoidable.

Clogged pipes

Clogged or slow drains are common plumbing problems in households. Debris such as dirt, hair, leaves, twigs, paper, small toys and other objects can obstruct the pipes and lead to slow drains. The easiest way to prevent this problem from occurring is to place a drain filter in all the tubs and sinks in your home. In case of minor obstructions, a brain cleaner may help, but is not advisable to use it regularly as it can damage the pipes.

Dripping faucets

Dripping faucets can be very annoying. Moreover, the amount of water that is wasted can prove very costly. Some common causes of dripping faucets are a worn-out O ring or washer, which can be easily replaced. It can also be a result of corrosion or improper installation.

Sewer backup

Sewer backup is nothing less than a nightmare. It may be the worst of the common plumbing problems. It has been reported that over 500,000 sewer backups occur each year in the United States. It has also been observed that sewers normally back up through the lowest plumbing fixtures in the home. Thankfully, with proper maintenance this problem can be avoided. If your home has a septic tank, it is important to have it emptied at regular intervals depending on how many people live in your home.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can make it difficult to shower or wash things. This problem can occur suddenly or may worsen over time, depending on the cause. It can occur due to a leaky pipe within your home or a water main break in which case your neighbours will also face the same issue. It can also be due to build-up of sediment and minerals in the pipes or showerheads. If you are facing low water pressure problem, try cleaning the faucets and aerators and removing the build-up. If it doesn’t help, you will have to call your plumber.

Water heater problems

Imagine finding out that the water heater isn’t working when you need it the most. You won’t even want to imagine that. Some common issues that can affect your water heater are corrosion and rust, sedimentary build-up and inadequate size and pressure. Whatever be the case, if your water heater is not working, we recommend that you do not attempt any DIY repairs and call the professionals right away.

If you are facing any plumbing issues, you should not ignore them and have them repair when they are still manageable. Ignoring them for too long can lead to extensive damage and necessitate expensive repairs.

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