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How to Unclog a Clogged Sink

clogged sink

A Clogged sink is annoying but usually fixable You start getting ready for your day and you turn on the water in your bathroom sink. After a couple minutes you notice the water has gotten high and so you turn it off. You wait for a couple minutes but the water barely recedes. It’s liked […]

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What is a Navien Service Specialist?

When looking to have your Navien tankless water heater or combi boiler serviced you should be contacting Onze Southern Connecticut Plumbing & Heating a Navien Service Specialist (NSS) company. As an owner of a Navien product you may not know of the Navien Service Specialist program, or that Onze Southern Connecticut Plumbing and Heating holds […]

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Benefits of Choosing a Navien Tankless Water Heater or Navien Combi Boiler

Navien is recognized around the world as a manufacturer of state of the art, ultra high-efficiency gas and propane water and home heating products. Their expansion into the United States, the growth of their distribution network, the brand awareness and product quality has pushed them to the top of the industry here in Connecticut also. […]

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Still Considering an Oil to Gas Conversion

For those in Connecticut where oil prices fluctuate and supplies get strained, where paying $4.00 or more per gallon for oil, and one delivery can break your financial budget, where pricing increases and product shortages are not that far behind us, and seem to always be looming right around the corner, where natural gas supplies […]

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