Leaky pipes are much more than a nuisance. If ignored for too long, leaky pipes can cause serious damage and necessitate costly repairs. So, it is important to watch out for the warning signs and have the leak fixed at the earliest to prevent serious damage. 

Dangers of ignoring leaky pipes 

Leaks can be caused by cracks in the pipe or by corrosion at the joints where pipes connect. If not addressed in a timely manner, these leaks can seep through the walls and to the surrounding structures, such as ceilings. Eventually, it can lead to mold and mildew growth on the floorboards. Leaky pipes can cause damage to the floors and roof and weaken foundation supports. Water damage around wiring sources can also cause electrical issues. Moreover, harmful contaminants can enter drinking water through leaky pipes. Untreated water surrounding the pipe can get sucked into the pipe through the crack and enter the home’s water supply causing contamination.  

If your plumbing system is over 20 years old, it is important to regularly inspect all accessible pipes, valves and drains for leaks. In case you notice any signs of oxidation or discoloration, call your plumber right away. Timely repairs can prevent further damage.  

How do you recognize a leak? 

Water damage 

The most obvious sign of leaky pipes in your home is water damage on walls, floors, and other belongings. In most cases, homeowners are able to detect a leak much before it comes to this stage. Early signs, such as a musty smell or mildew, can indicate that there is a leak. The moment you see signs of water damage in your home, you should call your plumber immediately, as any delays can lead to much bigger problems.  

Higher than usual water bills 

If there has been no apparent increase in water consumption in your home, but the water bills have increased, it is likely you have a water leak in your home. Even minor leaks can cause waste of hundreds of gallons of water. Leaky toilets are a common cause of unusually high water bills.  

Noisy plumbing 

Another common sign of a leaky pipe is the sound of dripping water drops. The sound of running water in the plumbing is also an obvious sign of a leak. Noisy plumbing can be caused by damaged or cracked pipes or loose sealants.  

Low water pressure 

If there is a problem or poor or reduced water pressure from faucets in your home, it could be an indicator of water leakage somewhere in your home. It means that water leaking from the pipes is seeping somewhere else and causing low water pressure.  

Rusty pipes 

Rust is a sign of severe corrosion. It can happen to the pipes because of exposure to a water leak. Rusty pipes can become damaged and cause further damage.  

Wet spots on walls or floors 

A damp wall or floor could be a sign of a possible water leak. Although it takes some time before a water leak can actually show up on your walls or floor, you should take immediate action as soon as you see any wet spots.  

In conclusion, the dangers of leaky pipes extend beyond water damage to include mold growth, structural issues, and health concerns. Ignoring them can lead to costly and hazardous consequences for your home and well-being.

Water leaks can be tricky to detect. Oftentimes, homeowners are able to find a leak only when it is too late. It is vital to deal with leaks in time before they turn into a serious problem requiring costly repairs. If you think you have leaky pipes in your home, call us now for urgent repairs.