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Furnace to Hydro Air Conversion – Westport Town Center

A large job involving the removal of some old furnaces and upgrading the heating system with a hydro-air upgrade and 250,000 BTU gas boiler.

The existing furnaces are going to be removed and the water heater will be upgraded during this installation

The existing wall was selected to be the location of the new boiler. Here the wall is being prepared, painted and the new pipes are being put together, ready to be laid out.

The red circulators serve the indirect and the primary heating loop, the green circulators on the left serve
the air handlers

The grey tank on the right is called the indirect, an indirect gets its energy from the boiler and operates similar to an additional heating zone.

The unit is bult is installed and will be placed in service prior to the final air handler installations. This will ensure minimum down time.

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