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Is There Something Wrong with Your Tap Water?

We all assume that the tap water in our homes is clean and healthy to consume. However, that’s not always true. Tap water may be contaminated with impurities even if it tastes and looks fine. While some impurities may be harmless, others may cause health problems and damage your fixtures and appliances as well. Sometimes, the signs of contamination are obvious. Here are some signs that suggest something is wrong with your tap water and that you may need a water filtration system:

Your tap water tastes bad

We all know what clean, fresh water tastes like. If your tap water tastes anything but fresh, or has a strange taste, it is an indication that the water is contaminated. The water may taste metallic, or like chlorine, dirt or grass. Sometimes, the metallic taste and smell only comes from the hot water tap due to hard water build-up in the water heater. However, if the metallic taste comes from both taps, it could mean that the pipes are corroded and the metal is leaking into your water. 

Your water smells weird out of the faucet

Ideally, tap water should be completely odorless. Sometimes, you may get a slight chlorine like smell, which is normal because chlorine is used to treat water. However, anything stronger or more offensive needs to be checked. Some of the most common contaminants that can cause bad water smell include sulfur, chlorine, copper, iron, algae and lead. If you get sulfur like odor from your tap water, it could mean that there is an excessive sediment build-up in your water heater, which leaks into your tap water. A very offensive sewage-like smell could be a result of backup in your drain. The worst kind of odor is a fishy odor, which could result from mixing or algae and chlorine.

Your tap water is not clear

Ideally, your tap water could not have anything other than tiny bubbles. If you pour tap water into a clear glass and you notice that it is cloudy or has something floating around it, it is a clear indicator of contamination. If your water has a tinge of red, yellow or brown, it is because of the contaminants. Haziness normally occurs when water is hard or when there is a dirt or sand in the pipes.

Your water leaves behind residue or stains

If your washing machine or dishwasher leaves stains on your clothes and utensils, it is a sign that something is wrong with your tap water. Contaminated water can leave stains on objects and surfaces that come in frequent contact with water such as bathtubs. Water may also leave behind rust colored residue if your pipes are rusty or corroded. High levels of magnesium and calcium in water can also causes it leave behind a white residue on surfaces.

Your family faces frequent unexplained health problems

Contaminated water can cause your family members to fall sick too often. If your family frequently complains of cold and flu or stomach related illnesses, it could be due to poor water quality. Also, hard water and minerals such as chlorine can dry out your skin and hair. After showering or washing your hands, your skin may feel dry and itchy.

Your water quality tests show contamination

The best way to know if something is wrong with your tap water is to have it tested by a water quality analyst. These tests reveal exactly what contaminants are present in your tap water and what levels.

If your tap water is poor quality, you must invest a water filtration system. Get in touch with our HVAC plumbing team to understand the kind of filtration system that will work best for your needs.

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