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Signs That Your Boiler Needs Urgent Repair

The boiler is arguably the most important piece of equipment in your home and also the most susceptible to malfunctioning. A broken boiler can completely disrupt your daily routine with no hot water and heating. Thankfully, the signs of boiler breakdown are easy to spot. We have shared the 6 signs you should watch out for, and if you notice them, call an HVAC repair professional immediately.    

Loud noises  

One of the most common and easily noticeable signs that your boiler is crying for help is the presence of loud noises during operation. While the boilers tend to be loud, if you notice that it has become noisier and it is hard to hear anything over your boiler, you should get an HVAC professional to take a look at it. Loud noises are usually a sign of a problem with an internal component. Ignoring these noises can cause extensive damage. 


If you have been getting faint rattling, rumbling, popping, or gurgling sounds from your boiler while it’s running, it is a sign that your boiler needs maintenance. It normally happens when the boiler is filled with mineral deposits from hard water and it changes the pressure levels inside the tank. If the problem is not addressed in a timely manner, it can cause a leak in the tank.   

You don’t have hot water 

If your hot water supply is unpredictable or it runs cold after a few minutes, it is a sign of a broken or failing boiler. Unless your thermostat is turned down, lack of hot water means something is wrong with your boiler. It could be due to low pressure or a faulty valve or another component. In short, if your boiler isn’t providing you with enough hot water, it needs repair. 

Boiler Leaks 

Boiler leaks can mean a lot of things. Leaks can be caused due to build-up of mineral deposits, or issues with your pressure relief valves or pumps. It could also be just a build-up of condensation. Many times, homeowners ignore boiler leaks thinking that they are fairly common and harmless. However, even minor leaks can quickly spread the walls and floor and cause water damage to your property. If you notice any leaks, have them checked by a professional.  

Foul smell 

A slight foul smell could be a sign of a carbon monoxide leak. If this happens, it won’t just affect the functionality of the boiler, but can also cause serious health problems. In fact, it could prove fatal.

If a carbon monoxide leak is suspected, the building should be evacuated immediately. If the foul smell is not due to a carbon monoxide leak, it could be due to the boiler failing to burn properly. When a boiler is working normally, it will have a blue flame. However, a carbon dioxide leak will turn the flame yellow. Dark spots around the casing could also be an indication of a carbon dioxide leak.  

Rising heating cost 

As the boiler ages, it is normal to see a decline in performance and an eventual rise in heating bills. Regular maintenance can keep energy bills under check. If your energy bills are increasing without an obvious reason, you should immediately schedule repair and maintenance for your boiler.  

Any delay in repairing your boiler can cause more extensive damage and necessitate expensive repairs. The sooner the problems are identified and rectified, the better it is.  

It is always a better idea to look out for signs and get the maintenance in time over waiting for something major to happen. Timely maintenance is crucial for the safety and comfort of your family. If you notice any of the above signs with your boiler, call our team immediately, and we will fix it.







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