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Benefits of Insulating your Pipes in Connecticut

You may have noticed insulated piping at commercial premises more than in homes; but pipe insulation has a whole host of benefits for commercial and residential alike.

The first that people in colder-climates particularly may think of is the insulation they provide.  The vital plumbing lines that run through your home are often exposed to the cold as they run through more exposed areas of the house, such as the basement.


Protection from the cold

Insulating your pipes against cold weather is a safe bet to protect against freezing, and ultimately burst pipes.

In cold temperatures pipes can also attract water vapour. After conducting on the surface this can lead to corrosion; the insulation creates a barrier to this.

Protection from the cold is one of the most common reasons people insulate their pipes in Connecticut as the temperatures can get pretty low come winter time.


Energy efficiency

The next most popular reason for insulating plumbing is to save energy.  Un-insulated pipes can waste more than you might think especially in hot or cold spaces.

Heat loss and gain is affected by the difference in temperature between the pipe, the pipe’s contents and the surrounding.  This leads to:

  • Heat loss in cold spaces (like an unheated basement)
  • Heat gain in hot spaces (cold water gets warmer)

Insulating the pipes helps to minimise the heat difference and maintain the correct temperature, so less energy is wasted.

Did you know? Metal pipes gain and lose heat more quickly.  Insulation makes it harder for the metal to transfer heat in and out.


Noise control

If your plumbing is particularly noisy, you may want to invest in pipe insulation to create a sound buffer.

Pipes are particularly good at transferring noise, this can be made worse at the entry to walls, so insulating there can help to muffle the sound.


Compliance with building codes

In much of Connecticut, insulating your pipes is a requirement.  It may not be all your pipes and there may be certain conditions, but it is certainly something to be aware of.   Your local plumber should be able to tell you whether insulation is a requirement in your area or not.

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