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Water Filtration

Why filtration?

  • Water quality guidelines allow a multitude of chemicals to be in your drinking water
  • Well water quality can vary greatly over a short period of time
  • Our local utilities add disinfectant chemicals to address bacteria in our drinking water
  • Proper filtration protects your family from drinking, absorbing or inhaling water pollutants.
  • Allows you to enjoy chlorine free water at every sink and shower.
  • Can alleviate chlorine related asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Will reduce the overall load of harmful chemicals in your daily life.


Why all water filters are not the same

  • Media quality and performance differ greatly
  • Life expectancy and the filters ability to maintain your water quality over time is vitally important
  • A poor filter design and operation can provide a false peace of mind
  • Water softeners alone do not provide water filtration


The benefits of proper water testing

  • Proper testing clearly shows what contaminates need to be removed from your homes water supply
  • Allows the correct matching of the filter and components to your water filtration needs
  • Testing both before and after the filter installation provides clear and measurable results
  • Testing provides a baseline for ongoing monitoring of the filters performance

Our exclusive partnership with Earth and Water LLC, ensures our customers the very best in filter selection, design, installation and long term care of your investment in a whole house water filtration system.

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