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Emergency Water Shutoff Valve Installation

Every home has a water main valve, located who knows where! during a water emergency?

What if shutting off the water to your home at any time day or night from anywhere you happen to be were right at your fingertips. Better yet, what if your water main valve could shut itself off and notify you of a potential problem.
The water experts at Onze Southern Connecticut Plumbing and Heating can help you avoid the stress and help minimize the potential damage from an unexpected water pipe leak.

What is a flow-based emergency shutoff valve?

A flow monitoring automatic shutoff valve uses modern technology to monitor your entire water system for anything as small as a pin hole leak to the all of a sudden and unexpected catastrophic pipe failure.
When a leak is detected the flow control shuts down the water service and an alert is sent to your smartphone. This is the latest in water mitigation technology and flow control valves are fast being installed in homes throughout the United States.

Key benefits of a flow control valve:

  • Peace of mind with 24/7 system monitoring
  • Damage, distress and costly repairs are often minimized
  • Insurance premium may be reduced, (notify your insurer that a flow control valve has been installed)
  • No guessing where to go when the water needs to be turned off.
  • System shuts itself off when it detects a potential leak


Potential Insurance Savings

Insurers AIG, State Farm, Nationwide, Chubb, Pure Insurance and Cincinnatti are just some of the insurance companies that recognize the installation of flow shutoff valves and may provide incentives.

Water damage is a much higher and more regular loss than most other home damage.

Water leaks are more common than you might think

  • Water damage is 7-8 times more likely than fire* and burglary**.
  • Water leaks cause $13b of damage in the USA every year
  • 45% of insurance losses come from water and frozen pipe damage
  • Plumbing leaks affect 8.1% of US homes each year (1 in 12)

*Fire (1 in 33 per year)

**Burglary (1 in 36 per year)

So you can see why insurers are pushing to have them installed on the mainline coming into people’s homes.


What are the best flow shutoff systems?

Onze SCPH recommend the following two brands who are both leaders in automatic flow shutoff valves:


Flo Logic Everwatch

An automatic leak shutoff system with no compromise.  Flow Logic identifies leaks as small as 1/2 oz per minute and helps to protect against frozen pipe damage in low temperatures.

  • Works with any pipe sizes
  • Virtually all leaks detected, including small pinhole and high flow leaks
  • Control with home or away settings to automatically stop leaks
  • App sends remote notifications to your phone
  • Back-up and local control safeguards against outages and internet downtime
  • Made in the USA

More information: www.flologic.com


Flo by Moen

Monitors the entire water supply 24/7, sensing leaks and moisture even outside of pipes.  The system also detects weather issues, appliance failures and overflowing drains throughout your whole water system.

  • Works with Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and Control 4.  No smart hub required, though does require Wi-Fi.
  • Remote and automatic options
  • App-controlled
  • Daily leak tests (micro-leak technology)
  • Detects leaks as small as 1 drop per minute
  • Monitors the entire water system including behind walls and in the foundations
  • Real-time app alerts
  • Tailors protection to each home
  • See how much water you’re using daily, in the app
  • See live water flow rate (GPM) and pressure (PSI) as well as temperature information
  • Historical data records
  • Works with 3/4 – 1 1/4 inch pipe (consult a plumber if you’re unsure)

More information: www.moen.com/flo



Flow shutoff valve supply and installation

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