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oil to gas conversion

How can oil to gas conversion benefit your home?

An oil to gas conversion has many benefits for your home and

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware that natural gas is a more efficient and reliable way to heat their homes. However, if you live in a house that still uses oil, fret no more. We can help you modernize your HVAC system through an oil to gas conversion. If you too are thinking about making the switch, here some good reasons to do it:

It is Cost-Effective

This is the top reason why a lot of homeowners are turning to gas heating. Assuming both gas and oil boilers have the same fuel efficiency, the natural gas boiler will be 25% less expensive to operate. This is simply because natural gas is more widely available and is cheaper than oil. Replacing an old oil boiler with a more energy efficient gas boiler can further increase your savings. While the initial cost of oil to gas conversion could be high, it is totally worthwhile. In the long run, you will save more money on heating bills and you will be able to recover your costs over time.

Environment friendly

Compared to heating oil, natural gas is not only economical, but cleaner as well, which makes it more environment friendly. Natural gas costs less than heating oil and there are fewer equipment and maintenance costs that are typically associated with oil heat. Natural gas is piped directly to your building and you don’t need to worry about fuel delivery. By converting your home’s heating from oil to gas, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 40%. Your home will emit up to 99.9% less sulfur dioxide. These are the two biggest contributors to environmental pollution, acid rain, and climate change. Oil to gas conversion also reduces emissions responsible for ozone depletion and respiratory illnesses. So, oil to gas conversion is a huge step towards a cleaner environment.

Safe and convenient

Natural gas furnaces are more convenient and safer compared to oil heating system because they do not require regular cleaning and maintenance. Oil burners, on the other hand, tend to get dirty and create ashes so they require regular cleaning. As natural gas comes from an underground pipeline, there is no need for refilling or risk of running out of gas. On the contrary, you have to constantly monitor the oil levels to make sure you don’t run out of supply.


With natural gas, you can stay assured that your home will always be properly heated. You don’t have to worry about the logistics, and truck deliveries, and there will be no reliance on the grid.

Increases your home’s value

When making any changes to your home, you always consider what value it adds to your home. Oil to gas conversion not only adds value to your home but also increases the number of buyers who would be interested in your home. They won’t have to worry about making this upgrade later. Also, the reliability and convenience would make it even more attractive for potential buyers. They would obviously prefer a home that has a more pocket-friendly and easy-to-maintain heating system.

In the nutshell, it is totally worth spending the upfront costs to convert your home heating system from oil to gas. If you are ready to make the switch from oil to gas and start enjoying the many benefits of using natural gas to heat your home, get in touch with our HVAC experts to start the conversion process.

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