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Oil to Gas FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) When deciding about an oil to gas conversion.

Is natural gas on my street?

We can help with that, fill out the information request, include your street address and city. We will verify gas availability and the gas company serving your neighborhood.


Will converting my home save me money?

While high efficiency gas products are much more cost effective and environmentally friendly some homework needs to be completed as a part of the answer. We are more than willing to help determine your potential savings by completing a fuel cost comparison for you. Complete the information request, we will forward a few additional questions that will help us to determine the potential savings.


Are rebates available?

Currently Energize CT will issue a point of purchase credit for $750.00 when a high efficiency boiler or combi is selected. All high efficiency products we currently offer and install are eligible for this discount. There may be additional manufacturer rebates available, depending on the product selected.


How long does oil to gas conversion take?

The actual conversion and product installation is typically a one or two day job. Determining gas availability, applying for and having gas brought to your home involves a number of components, this process can take six to eight weeks for a non-emergency installation.


What happens to the old heater?

Our installations always include the removal and proper disposal of the old system and components. Much of the old material is sent to be recycled, debris and other items are returned to our shop for final disposal.


What do I need to get started?

A simple call to our office or submitting the information request form will start a no obligation gathering of information designed to help you make an informed decision.

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