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CT Heating Upgrade – $1000 Per Month Saving

  • Where? Southport, CT
  • Home Size: 10,000 sq ft with 8 bathrooms
  • Old heating cost: $1,200 per month
  • New heating cost: $200 per month
  • Project length: 1 week

This large conversion carried a substantial upfront investment by the homeowner which was completely returned in lower operating cost within three years of operation.

One of our long term customers in Southport was running over $1,200.00 per month for gas during the non heating portion of the year and much higher through the winter.

The home, built in 1988 is over 10,000 sq ft with 8 bathrooms.  It used conventional gas fired mid efficiency boilers that were state of the art when the home was constructed, but don’t match to today’s more efficient systems. In an effort to modernize the system Onze Onze Southern Connecticut Plumbing & Heating working with the homeowner and Winsupply out of Shelton designed a high efficiency replacement system for this home.

We undertook the week long project starting in the late summer with the removal of all the gas fired heating and hot water components. Two new HTP mod-con ultra high efficiency gas systems were installed along with two Turbomax indirect fired water heaters. The pairing of these components was designed to lower the overall operating cost of the system and yet provide sufficient heat throughout the winter along with abundant hot water for this 8 bathroom home.

The new equipment required a complete reworking of the boiler rooms and a considerable amount of redesign work. All was completed and the project was ready to place in operation. The anticipation grew as we waited for the result, the home owner monitored the gas consumption and the monthly fuel cost. The next few months proved that the project provided to the customer a tremendous monthly cost savings as the gas bills dropped over $1,000.00 per month to a new low of $200.00 per month for the non heating season and then throughout the year provided a 40% reduction in annual operational cost.

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