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Major Home Renovation – Westport Town Center

This job was a major home renovation in the Westport town center, close to the seafront. The customer had a new boiler to install and required an upgraded heating system. We were pleased with the neat, clean finish.

This major home renovation included removing the old boiler and installing a new heating system. The system was split into four heating zones for added comfort.

The electric work has been installed neat, clean and organized for efficiency and future access.

The Turbomax tank on the right produces large quantities of hot water. The customer had an old style tankless coil. (not a tankless heater like we install today) The tankless coil produced limited hot water and was a tremendous energy user.

The silver cylinder on the lower right is a combustion air fan. When the burner runs, outside air is brought directly to the burner rather than using already heated and conditioned air from inside the home.

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